0 Posted by - September 11, 2014 - EDITORIAL DESIGN, GRAPHIC DESIGN

Christian Vendrell is a Spanish hairstylist with many years of experience and the owner of Identity Hairdressing.
In 2014 he was nominated as “Best Hairdresser Of The Year” for Club Fígaro Awards. I have designed his annual brochure in order for him to submit his presentation.

identity-brochure-gonzalocervello-1 identity-brochure-gonzalocervello-2 identity-brochure-gonzalocervello-3 identity-brochure-gonzalocervello-4 identity-brochure-gonzalocervello-5 identity-brochure-gonzalocervello-6 identity-brochure-gonzalocervello-7 identity-brochure-gonzalocervello-8

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